Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long time since last entry...

Over a year to be exact. Well I realized my sweet 10am to 6pm work schedule and the fact I only rode twice during the week left about 6 hours a wek between 8am and 10am when I coudl blog to my hearts content. Then the summer hit and then in September an 8-5 work schedule with a 18 mile commute, and there you have it- no blog entires.

Safe to say I was using the time wisely, riding bikes, more fitness than I think I've ever had and then an awesome new job. Much love to Rocky Mounts, but I think I was born to not only work in the bike industry but also design product. Pearl Izumi is a perfect fit.
News Blurbs that will require seperate entries for description themselves:
1. Nat and I are engaged: Further post describing the elation of the engagement.
2. Nat anbd I are buying a new house- it is sweet. Move in date May 30th.
We often ride over to a park, try to find a balance of sun for Nat and shade for me, lay in the grass, read and let the sun beat on us. Below is a picture from one such event.

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