Friday, January 12, 2007

Guitar like a Banjo and sending Tristan to the Cyclo-Cross World Championships

Great night last night. Went to the Mountain Sun for a Junk Burger and low and behold, a Brown Ale is on tap. The Mountain Sun has officialy become the spot of choice in Boulder. I always enjoyed going there for food with friends, but inevitably it would be usurped from the top spot due to the inevitablity of compromise in my beer selection. And they call the it the Cleveland Brown. How can you not think about a Cleveland Steamer if someone says to you "Cleveland Brown, coming right up."

In college I knew a mountain bike racer that could play the banjo, really well in fact. He road tripped to Collegiate MTB Nationals with the UW team one year, and broke out the banjo in the hotel room. Ever since I have been very impressed by banjo players that really know how to play, that is, picking with four fingers instead of one. Last night I saw a guitar player at The Laughing Goat who picked with four fingers. And he didn't have any artificial picks. It was all finger tips. It was awesome. The music he could make was really entertaining and fun to listen to. I think it may have been the first time I saw a truly skilled guitarist perform. I may be making the trip to the Niwot Tavern next week to listen again.

Also of note, check out Tristan Schouten is a Wisconsin based Pro MTB and Elite Cyclocrosser who was named as a discretionary pic for the US Cyclo-Cross Worlds Team. He has the oppurtunity to compete against the world's best in Belgium at the end of this month. He'll need some help to get there, however. If you believe in US Cyclo-Cross and have an extra 5 or 10 dollars or more, throw it Tristan's way.

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