Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Weekend Report

A little late for a weekend post but oh well. The weekend in pictures along with a commuting pic Natalie took of me the day of the first blizzard in December. Tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be much of the same, so I thought it would be a good preface to that.
Silverthorne at 7 in the am. Bryan hooked us up with some lodging for Friday night so we could avoid ski traffic and enjoy the morning with a breakfast sandwich and coffee instead of sitting in the car for 3 hours. Gracias!
Great day of skiing until about 2pm when the winds really started to whip. This is looking up the mountain outside of the chalet at the top of Peak 8.
Sunday brought seemingly better weather until I went up to Eldora to go for a ski. When they say High Wind Warning, they mean it. My face definitely hurt from the blowing snow while I was walking from my car to the nordic house. As I set my skis into the rack, I noticed the few brave souls with shells and hoods skiing out into the sustained 30-40 mph winds. I had no such clothing. When I ski I have to wear the lightest long sleeve baselayer available or I'll sweat straight through it. I did have the foresight to bring a jacket on this day because I knew it would be windy, but I stood in the nordic house with my backpack on, thinking about my face and how I knew I'd ski no more than an hour for fear my cheeks would fall off after that. Not worth $17. I said "Not today" and took my skis back to the car and drove off to watch football on the TV.
I did stop and hike down to Boulder Falls on my way down the canyon. I love waterfalls in the winter.

Now everyone at work laughs at my googles when I ride in on inclement days. But I think it is an essential winter commuting accessory when the weather is precipitous, as it was the day in the above picture. Get out of your car people.

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