Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blizzard Warning

Well there is a full fledged 'Blizzard Warning' through Thursday afternoon. 24"-36" of snow is forecasted on the front range. I am exited to ride over to North Boulder Park and ski tomorrow morning.

This 'Blizzard' puts a damper on Natalie's plans to fly out this evening, although her flight has yet to be officially cancelled. I, on the otherhand, am still planning to drive out on Friday evening, hoping 24 hours after the snow subsides the roads will be sufficient enough for driving. Nat may be coming with me though as flights may not be leaving until Friday under current conditions.

The commute in today was glorious. I busted out the goggles as commuting while it is snowing is really pretty sore on the face without them. Relatively few cars on the roads so I could ride in the road rather than the bike lane.

My view on most mornings, sans snow. Skinny tires in the snow can be sketchy, but as long as cars don't pull out in front and you don't need to pull any evasive maneuvers, I can get down to work without laying it down. Braking traction is nil with my set-up in this weather, however the only downhill is pretty mellow so I can get the 40 feet or more I need to stop.

You can see two plows in the right hand lane working in tandem to clear Folsom. I question Boulder Couty Public Works' decision to assign two of thier six plows to the same section of road in the same direction. All the wonderous skiing this weekend at Eldora will be missed, but this storm should create a sufficient base for the new year.


Echelon said...

damn thats fucking awesome! i wish i was there!

Fryda said...

Cheers man! When are you coming out to ski/ride? The snow is primed!