Thursday, December 21, 2006

Still Snowing

Well, Natalie's flight was cancelled, and the airport, city, grocery stores, and coffee shops are all closed down due to the volume of snow. Keystone got 2 feet. There is some pow to be had, but Hwy 93 down to Golden is closed so there will be no going to the mtns today. I could probably get up to Keystone on Saturday morning and still get some fresh snow...errr I mean...get my first real powder experience in, but that would require a late departure for home. More snow is expected on Saturday morning so I think we'll be getting the hell out of dodge Friday evening. Rocky Mounts will be on the only business open today. Alas, I do have work to do so time won't be completely lost.

Snow is too deep for the bicicletta today. Will be utilizing gaiters for the walk in.


Echelon said...

dude i so wish i could be in that powder. its all i've been hearing about driving around detroit. frick'n killing me.

The other Bryan Smith said...

you can be.

move here.

Echelon said...

don't tempt me

The other Bryan Smith said...

Ha! I totally was!