Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lost camera and inoperable lap top battery pack...

Don't worry it is only temporary. I was a bit discourgaged over the weekend though. One of my main motivations in this blog was to post lots and lots of awe inspiring photos of the Colorado scenery, just for Ted. So I thought I'd just wait to post until I found the camera. I have some great photos of the Switzerland Trail from Saturday. I think it was nearly the clearest day I'd ridden it so the divide views were awesome. Awesome enough that while filming Bryan plow through some snow pack I got all artsy and panned from the Divide to him riding. Alas, you probably won't ever see that video b/c it was filmed on th his camera, which puked out half way through the ride. My pictures on the other hand should make it onto the blog, as long as I can find the camera.

The battery pack is another issue which moved blog posting from ultra convenient at home or work any time of the day, to work only. The shrunken window did not bode well for my blog posting.

Wish me luck in the camera finding.

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