Friday, December 15, 2006

Saving the World and Coffee Rant

Well until I figure out exactly how I'll be saving the world, I thought I'd pass on things I like to do that I think helps and encourage those that also want to empower there purpose on the earth to try these things out.

1. Bring your own coffee mug to the coffee shop if you plan to take your coffee to go.

2. If you are drinking your coffee at the coffee shop, use a cup they have there that they'll wash and re-use.

This is an example of a coffee mug you might decide to bring to your local coffee shop so your barista can fill it with coffee.

By doing the above you will:

1) Reduce your bill. Most coffee shops will credit you 10 cents when you bring in your own cup. For you folks that don't conceptualize value unless it is monetary, there's your money figure if doing something has to increase your bottom line for it to be worth your time. The price of your coffee has a paper cup, cover, and 'java jacket' built in, so most coffee shops won't charge you for them unless they give you them. What's that? You go to Starbucks and they don't credit you? That's because Starbucks isn't about you or your coffee. They're about money. Alot of people think they are about thier employees due to thier great benefits, etc, but I'd argue that is just because they are about the money. Happy employees = more profit generating ability because employees are motivated to keep charging you for cups and java jackets even if you don't get them. Cause they're taken care of, right? So who gives a shit about anyone else.

2) Reduce Waste. I'm waiting for any college republicans out there to tote the party line(we live in a partisan world right? India cares about blue and red) and comment on how in the 'real' world this doen't matter. Well I'd like to point out that politics are far from the real world. Politics are like a game and these such games rarely attempt to address quality of life and its accompanying attributes which as is discussed above, are not monetary.
Thought for the weekend: Does anyone else see the ironies of building roads, lengthening power lines and widening city infrastructure under a FALSE pretense of increasing quality of life when in reality these things are the engines that powers the money train for real estate developers and contractors that in effect actually hamper the convenient, slowed down, community rich lifestyles people are seeking?

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The other Bryan Smith said...

fuck it.

I am asking for two styrafoam cups with un-recycla-able lids to enjoy my non-fat latte.